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On the NFL and Race-baiting September 25 2017


In light of the racial pot-stirring that’s been going on as of late, I’d like to offer a few inconvenient truths and a bit of clarity:

FACT: We elected a black president, we have a black Supreme Court justice, we have black congressmen/women.  There is no ‘system’ oppressing black folk.

FACT: Black folks have been getting reparations in the form of social welfare since LBJ’s War on Poverty.  If you believe in wealth redistribution or social programs derived from stealing the wages of your neighbors, you ARE advocating slavery of your fellow Americans.  If you receive social welfare programs, you are the master and your countrymen who are denied the right to keep what they rightfully earn ARE you.

FACT: Your ancestors may have come here in chains, but today the only chains black folk wear are the ones you choose to don yourself through criminal activity, embracing a culture of sexual, gang and racial violence OR mental slavery and subservience to the Democrat party’s politics of entitlement vs. honest labor and family values.  Your ancestors may have been bound unwillingly.  Today the only one who binds you in THIS country is yourself.

FACT: The vast majority of white folk in the USA don’t hate black folk.  What they do detest is being blamed, marginalized and penalized for an abstract ‘system’ of supposed ‘oppression’.  

FACT:  There are MANY black folk who do not subscribe to the ideology of victimhood, race-carding, and the advocacy of historical and cultural genocide of America.  They often are subjected to heinous treatment by other blacks who deem them coons, Uncle Toms, and other social pariahs.  Black people who live fiscally and morally responsible lives are often jeered as ‘not Black enough’ or failing the ‘Brown Bag Test.’  Sounds a bit oppressive.

I am a white woman born and raised in the South with roots going as far back as the 1600's in the Virginia house of Burgesses.  I love and count many friends in my circle of all colors, including black folk.  The common theme among them is NOT color.  It is that they love G-d, freedom, this nation’s founding documents, and the right to determine their own destiny without making excuses and perpetuating a victim mentality.  More simply, they RESPECT themselves and their countrymen.  Self-respect, integrity and honest work is what we need MORE of in this nation, not virtue-signaling by self-important gladiators in the Bread and Circuses of today.  Heroes and role-models don't perpetuate lies and excuses.  The NFL would do well to remember that.

City-States & Coast vs True America January 29 2017

Ever know someone who went through a nasty divorce?  Cheating, screaming, fighting, breaking glass, custody battles, attorneys, family court—the whole bit are all too regular a spectacle in our nation today.   Here’s the point of this article:  We ARE that couple in the middle of a bitter divorce, and the suit would read “City-state and Coasts vs. The REST of America.”

CNN and other trendy Bolshevistic news outlets are repeatedly showing masses of people gathering around different flash-mob protest points, whether it’s a group dedicated towards embracing Islamic superiority and protectionism outside JFK airport in New York, or the so-called ‘Women’s March’ in Washington, D.C.  Agitators and millennial malcontents stream themselves screaming in a library under the banner of protest and self-loathing college hipsters torch the American flag in Iowa City as a ‘protest against fascism.’  We ARE that sick marriage comprised of one person who keeps trying to compromise (Conservatives), keeps pleading for counseling, keeps desperately hoping against hope that the other person will cease acting like a drug-crazed lunatic and come home for dinner the way they used to when we were younger and happy.

I’m going to pull out the old psych-nursing tough love move.  It’s time for me to sit you down, take your hand, look you in the eye, America, and tell you, “You are in an abusive relationship.  There’s no point in trying to reconcile with an abuser.  It’s time to get your fists up.  “City-State and Coasts” is hurting you.  They are taking the joy out of your life.  If you don’t want to end up dead in a ditch, freshly infected with herpes and 4 kids deep into the equation with a person who not only doesn’t love you, but in point of fact disrespects, despises and is destroying your life, you better get out now.”

Who is this abusive spouse?  The City-State (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C) and the Coast (California is the biggie). Within their borders dwell millions of little statists and party minions who care NOTHING for your marriage contract (the Constitution). Yes, there are ‘good people’ here, but they are outnumbered, outmaneuvered and cowed by threats of social ostracism.   The Leftists, whose idea of a free society is mandatory, compulsory laws enforced at the barrel of a government agency’s gun, live in these cities and coasts and have all but destroyed this nation.  They have hit us (often literally), taken away our basic freedoms, abused us, rioted, destroyed property, caused bodily harm and rampant disrespect for law and order.  Albeit, the rest of America is no unblemished virgin, devoid of the stain of Marxist supporters, but these rural lefties are numerically and functionally insignificant compared to the strongholds of Che Guevara t-shirt wearers at Universities like Columbia, UCLA, Berkeley and their surrounding cities who go around flying ISIS flags to ‘combat white privilege’.

I have news for you friend, the Donald did not cause this.  THEY did.  For 8 years, their Black Jesus, Messianic Savior, and favorite Constitutional Rapist named Barack Hussein Obama, along with his Justice Department systematically attacked EVERYTHING good and wholesome about this nation and her people.  He enslaved us to an insane increase in debt. G.W. Bush was no saint either, but he doesn’t hold a candle to good ole Barry.  Under his presidency, the nation has gone from being on speaking terms to regularly throwing punches.

I and many others have warned about this for YEARS:  The electorate is divided, and there is no reconciliation other than to patiently wait for one more drunken night when your abusing spouse tottles home, starts in with the violence, and then gives you grounds to beat them within an inch of their life.  It truly is time for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences if we want to avoid violence.

In this presidential election, the areas addicted to the heroin of Hillary and her party of Lenin-lovers were the cities and the coasts. The cities and the coasts are filled with Neo-Bolsheviks (read Leftists) who build their party’s voter bases on the promise of stealing the honest earnings of YOU in small town, rural, and suburban America and giving it to their loyal party members by way of government ‘entitlements’ and legal aggression vis a vis snowflake protection.  The city libtards voted to expand government into every possible area of YOUR LIFE and tax the living piss out of you.  These people are NOT your friends.  They are countrymen in name only and wanton, violent THIEVES in deed.  Their abuse and destruction of law and order have known no bounds of the past 8 years -- and we, the abused spouse, have had our fill -- hence the election results.

They are going to continue to abuse and hit us until we hit them back AND either throw them out or THEY leave. 

Somehow, through the cannabis haze, California has had the wisdom to begin the process of secession.  A petition is now circulating to bring the matter to the ballot.  I want to sign that petition. Oh? You don’t think a Tennessee resident has any say in California?  Excuse me, I feel oppressed.  I need a diversity counselor and a safe space!  I just need to register to vote.  Don’t need to bother with legalities of lawful residency, since California allows ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote in presidential elections.  But somehow my vote as a Tennessean tired of dealing with California’s 20% guaranteed Leftist electoral votes is morally unjustifiable?  Please.

I get that there are good people in California (heck, I’ve TRAINED them!) who likely won’t like this, but I’m gonna give you a hard truth my friends:  The rest of us are TIRED of dealing with your state.  Be honest with yourself, you’re not going to ‘take it back.’  Your legislature is corrupt and failed, and you have allowed yourselves to be disarmed to the point where resistance will be all but impossible.  You have acquiesced to neutering your guns, you have acquiesced to having your rights to purchase ammunition so heavily restricted that nothing short of a Supreme Court verdict and Federal enforcement will reinstate them.   California conservatives have spent the greater part of this century and prior compromising, acquiescing, and following unrighteous laws that were foisted upon you.  Let’s be real about your addiction to compliance.  You haven’t picked up arms and fought back while you have been systematically stripped of your right to self-defense, and you’re not going to learn that discipline after neglecting it for so long.  You really don’t know what it’s like to run around with a 30 round magazine, no bullet button and a pistol-grip, let alone all the ammo you can purchase to your heart’s content.  California does not have a martial culture as a state, and it sure isn’t going to learn a new tune this late in the parade.  Reid and I have done more to advocate for California gun rights than most California gun owners—and that’s the sad truth.  You’re not going to “resist”, and until you make your representatives more terrified of coming to work than passing more rights violations, you will continue to hold your willing arms out to be bound by the chains of enslavement.

All this aside, California has the right idea about secession, and I wish New York (sorry Upstaters, you’re in the same boat as NorCal) would follow suit.  Secession is a better option than a full blown civil war, which is exactly where the Left is pushing us.  This is not hyperbole.  This is the cycle of history, of which I’m convinced most modern Americans are functionally if not literally illiterate. If California, and other bastions of Leftist dogma want to live in a socialist utopia, LET THEM…but let them do it with THEIR money.  This is one Tennessean who is tired of compromising on fundamentals.  In the words of Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof,” NO!  There IS no other hand!”

Did The Donald Kill Prepping? November 22 2016


Now hear me out on this one.  I am breathing the same sigh of relief that the Hildabeast didn’t become POTUS as much as you, but I’ve noticed a somewhat disturbing trend as of late.  It seems that some folks have closed the chapter on prepping in light of President-elect Trump’s recent win.  Don’t do it.  Here’s why:

Firstly, the President, while powerful, is not in charge of monetary policy.  That’s the Federal Reserve’s job.  This unelected, non-governmental group of private bankers controls the money’s interest rate, printing presses, and pretty much every aspect of how our dollar is valued.  Of course, the President and Congress agree on a budget and other nuances of how that money is spent and saved (or NOT!).  But the reader must understand that the ceaseless printing of money under the pleasant moniker of ‘quantitative easing’ is a major factor in the looming debt bubble’s imminent burst.  The Donald may reform the budget, but there are still trillions of extra dollars floating around that will have their eventual reconciliation with reality.  When that happens, you’re going to wish you had been more diligent in saving supplies and acquiring skills.

Secondly, our nation is irreconcilably divided.  Strong words?  You betcha, but they are accurate.  These great United States have vast chasms of difference in the way they view gun rights, taxation, moral issues, and the appropriate role of government in the lives of its citizens.  In short, we have starkly contrasting and deeply oppositional cultures within the gridlines of this land mass called America.  Can the Donald unite them all?  Doubtful.  Not saying his intentions aren’t there.  The real test is this:  Do the Mountain People of East Tennessee really want to continue living under the consequences created by renegade states like New York, California, and New Jersey?  Do the farmers of Southern Illinois, Nebraska and Iowa really want to tolerate being lectured on their environmental sins by cityfolk in New York, Chicago, the Beltway and San Francisco?  Nope—don’t think so.  

You are seeing the reemergence of an age-old problem, namely the City-State dominating the countryside.  It is a patterned problem as old as Jericho and Sodom and Gomorrah.  The Anti-Federalists warned us about this many moons ago and tried to put safeguards against urban tyranny.  They have been repeatedly tested, but now the words of Antifederalist writer, Brutus, are eerily relevant and timely

 “This [federal] power, exercised without limitation, will introduce itself into every corner of the city, and country—It will wait upon the ladies as their toilett, and will not leave them in any of their domestic concerns…it will watch the mechanic to his shop, and in his work, and will haunt him in his family, and in his bed;  it will be a constant companion of the industrious farmer in all his labour, it will be with them in the house, and in the field, observe the toil of his hands, and the sweat of his brow;  it will penetrate into the most obscure cottage; and finally it will light upon the head of every person in the United States.”  The Anti-Federalist papers, Brutus, December 27, 1787

The Federal government, of which the Donald is chief executive, has indeed been growing at an insatiable pace and has become a great malignant tumor on the vital organs of these United States.  We have been warned repeatedly that no one central government could adequately serve the needs of all people or represent their interests without favoritism.  Even as early as 1787, Federal Farmer (likely Richard Henry Lee) warned us,

“Independent of the opinions of many great authors, that a free elective government cannot be extended over large territories, a few reflections must evince, that one government and general legislation alone, never can extend equal benefits to all parts of the United States:  different laws, customs, and opinions exist in the different states, which by a uniform system of laws would be unreasonably invaded.”  The Anti-Federalist Papers, The Federal Farmer, October 8,9, 1787

He further elaborates, with prophetic accuracy, on the state of our current affairs.

“There is more reason to believe, that the general government, far removed from the people…will be forgot or neglected, and its laws in many cases disregarded, unless a multitude of officers and military force be continually kept in view, and employed to enforce the execution of the laws, and to make the government feared and respected.  No position can be truer than this, that in this country either neglected laws, or a military execution of them, must lead to a revolution and the destruction of freedom.  Neglected laws must first lead to anarchy and confusion; and a military execution of laws is only a shorter way to the same point—despotic government.”   The Anti-Federalist Papers, The Federal Farmer, October 8,9, 1787

Think they knew what they were talking about?  Undeniably, they did.  My friends, money issues and family squabbles will likely be on the forefront of many a Thanksgiving table this week, as they were during the Revolution and the War Between the States.  The Donald’s election was merely a blood-transfusion to a failing body.  It bought us time, but we are still on the transplant list.

Be prepared.

The Curse of Modern Conservatives - Weakness and Cowardice October 20 2016

The Curse of Modern Conservatives - Weakness and Cowardice

 I’m going there today. I am going to swear and use coarse language in this article, and if you’re shuddering about that more than the lies coming from a traitorous, victim-blaming, gun grabbing Hillary Clinton and her ilk, you are part of the problem.  I see a complete gulf of courage and misplaced self-righteousness among some conservatives, Christians, nominal-Bible followers and the like.  There are, seemingly, a large swath of people more concerned about feeling uncomfortable with harsh, nasty, four-letter words than confronting the systematic, accelerated destruction of their rights and way of life.  Deluded by the ill counsel of biblically illiterate and inactive pastors, as well as a penchant for sanctimony, they proclaim loudly that we shouldn’t use coarse language or wish ill on anyone.  Wrong...Wrong...and WRONG.  Wickedness should be loudly, emphatically, forcefully, and yes even violently struck down by People of the Book.  Lest we forget, many of the volunteer fighters in the Continental army AND militia were preachers who took their congregations into battle WITH them.

I will give you some bad news and more than likely rain on your parade.  If you think preserving your rights is done through social niceties and well wishes, you are ultimately WRONG.  If you think playing linguistic pattycake purchased our freedom from the British, you clearly didn’t read history.  Social niceties, playing linguistic, semantic, mental gymnastics with your progressive-leaning coworkers doesn’t secure your rights. 

 "Dismissing the VERY real possibility that you may have to utilize brutal force ... to defend your sacred rights will not earn you brownie points with God."


And now, Dearest of Readers, I am lovingly going to slap you in the face with the truth:  Dismissing the VERY real possibility that you may have to utilize brutal force (as we have twice in our domestic history) to defend your sacred rights will not earn you brownie points with God. He will not applaud you for being a victim.  You aren’t going to be rewarded from the Almighty for being unarmed, unprepared, and falsely pious – and you better prepare for War in the off chance your prayers for God to Bless America don’t do the trick.

Though the Federal government is the face of this domestic problem, it retains its position of power from people like your useless libtard coworkers, the pencil-necked she-male who craves being dominated, the loud-mouthed hoodrat, the self-loathing community organizer, and hens with their multi-daddy shame broods on the first of the month at Walmart.  If you want to see your tyrannical enemy’s power source, look them right in the eye and see them for the thieving, social-engineering, vile communist trash that they are.  They feel ENTITLED to YOUR work.  They believe YOU should work for THEM and underwrite their way of living by the sweat of your brow.  Your children must go without so they can crank out a few more with their next paramour to be subsidized for another generation.  That's the cold, hard, disgusting reality. 

A representative republic brought to fruition through legitimate elections and the rule of law is preserved ONLY with a moral populace (we are not—don’t delude yourself).  Additionally, a peaceful, free, and stable nation is also predominately comprised of productive, self-sufficient, law-abiding individuals.  Take a look at the naked, bony, emaciated remnant of our nation in its current condition.  We are the walking dead.  What remains is only a slim chance at redemption – and it sure as hell won’t be with words or votes alone.

The next reboot will likely be bloody.  It will be sad -- probably more terrible than anyone living can imagine.  It will be coarse.  It will be nasty – and vain attempts to insulate the mind by condemning people who are bold and courageous—and yes, even profane—will not deliver you.  We are a country bloated full of unproductive, unintelligent, self-absorbed simpletons, and it shows.  We have over 50 million on food stamps, some who have over five generations worth of free food and social programs. Election platforms built on stolen goods (read, free college, free this, free that) bear that one out.  

" We are the walking dead."

Folks, Economics 101 is calling the next play here.  Any economy will seek a balance and a correction in a glut market – and the glut is actively and PROUDLY unproductive people.  In addition, Black Lives Matter and hired agitators peddle rage, systemic “injustice,” and a culture of covetousness based on the idea that nobody “earned it.” People who have been fed the putrid slop of entitlement, class envy, learned helplessness and government control are that excess, and you can be damn sure that this market WILL correct.  We are on the verge of a civil war pitting the trough-feeding socialists against an armed, determined, effective and courageous few who are on their last nerve.  You better prepare yourself for what is coming – expletives and all.  Can your conscience handle that?

What Changed? September 26 2016

What Changed from 8 years ago?


Wow, now THERE’S a question.  One could attack this query from many angles, but I’m just gonna stick with the obvious for the Monday morning.  8 years ago, we had our touchy spots, but generally people didn’t expect a race war around the corner as a distinct possibility.  People didn’t expect to have health insurance premiums triple or quadruple in a few short years, they didn’t expect to have surveillance around EVERY corner in the form of citizen spy networks equipped with their iPhones.  Boy, this list goes on and on.

This presidency and Federal executive policy combined with a Federal Reserve standard of money-bloating has created an environment of exponential change in both social culture, respect for law and order, and a general pessimism about our nation’s future.

I would submit to you that the Antifederalists foresaw such conditions at the beginning of our country.  They anticipated that once the Federal government began its snowball of power consolidation, it would indeed become destructive to the liberties, freedoms and –ultimately—the tranquility of this great land and its peoples.

We are standing on a precipice right now, peering over the edge, friends.  Will global movements like socialism have their final victory on us by creating a class/race/envy war from within?  Will the leaders of other nations drag the world into a third World War?  I don’t know many things, but I can with reasonable surety tell you this:  The headlines in our newspapers recently eerily resemble those of the microfilms I’ve seen of periodicals that circulated prior to World War 1.

The change that we have seen has been anything but positive.  It has been destructive, divisive and deadly.  But friends, the more things ‘change’  the more they stay the same.  History is calling to tell us we’ve seen this show before.


The Death of Expertise In the New Era of Free Info September 02 2016

 When we talk about entitlement, I’m sure welfare recipients, EBT cards and whining children come to mind, but maybe not so much your average American.  Have you considered that the internet is FULL of people nowadays who feel ENTITLED to ‘free’ information? 

The seemingly universal access to the web has birthed a new era of self-described ‘experts’ and loud mouthed know-nothings.  You see this phenomenon when you (despite your best efforts and your spouse’s pleadings) venture into the black hole, the vortex for the soul that is ‘The Comment Section.’

Reid and I see this ALL the time in our business.  On the medical side, I get online followers who seem to follow me for the sole purpose of chiming in on how wrong I am, despite their lack of credentials, degree, experience or patient face-time.  Their internet chatrooms and paranoid conspiracy websites dedicated to the government’s cover-up of the “life-saving powers of drinking one’s own urine” CLEARLY confer upon them the ability to rewrite even the most basic of fundamental scientific principles.

On the firearm side of the equation, there are absolutely ignorant Fudds who have ‘grown up their whole life around guns’ loudly regurgitating , in a centuries long game of Telephone, theories about violence untested in reality that, G-d forbid, if practiced or applied will certainly result in the deaths of good and innocent people.  Additionally, there are the internet-birthed ‘tactical’ neophytes who are QUITE gifted at Call of Duty.  They discuss cleverly-contrived martial suggestions that perhaps sound good to the uninitiated, but hold no water with men who have watched people die while implementing such sagely advice. There is no ‘re-spawn’ in real life. 

Both of these camps have absolutely zero experience with deadly force when it comes to concrete, determined, flesh and blood adversaries. These people, emboldened by the anonymity of a screen, give deadly incorrect advice in a desperate attempt to claw at relevancy.  It’s a fundamental lack of humility and a refusal to see oneself in the appropriate place in the universe.

What all this indicates, dear reader, is a vanishing respect for people whose words include ‘have’ ‘done’ and ‘experienced.’ The theorists and would-be-experts use words like ‘should’ ‘would’ or ‘could’.  Note that one side uses past tense while the other uses conditional language.  Big difference.

The internet has brought us both good and bad.  Like the Guttenberg press so many years ago, a revolution in widely accessible information has ushered in an era of unparalleled appetite for knowledge.  Because of the non-concrete nature of this information’s platform, people lose sight of the fact that solid wisdom and experience IS NOT FREE, nor is it easily gained from surfing the web.  Information is a-plenty nowadays, but wisdom and real experience is preciously scarce.  My degree, all of my travels and the lessons I learned to make me the healthcare professional that I am COST ME.  It cost me lots of money, lots of time, lots of pain, heartache, disappointment, and long hard days and sleepless nights.  With Reid, amp that up ten-fold.

People nowadays feel ENTITLED to the labors of others. Instead of feeling grateful for the life experience given away, many display contempt.  The astonishing thing is that people now feel baselessly superior to the person on the other end of the screen without recognizing their own limitations.  Welcome to the new era of no experts, ‘free’ information.  Beware of the internet expert behind the comment section.  When the lights go out, he won’t be able to help you.  The tried-and-true experienced individual will.

How to Defeat a Time-Warped Enemy July 27 2016

 No, this isn’t a recap of Rocky Horror and the Time Warp dance.  Today, the western and civilized, moral people of the world are fighting an enemy that is stuck in the 800’s on the sands of Arabia.   Until we fight our Muslim enemies in the way that will devastate them, we will continue to be mercilessly executed, one by one.

 The Islamic hordes of Europe have invaded softly, with plenty of sympathy from medicated, self-loathing, white-guilted liberals who are all too delighted to steal from their fellow citizens’ labor and gift it to the mongrel masses of Mohamed followers.  A secular, godless and morally vacuous Europe has long nursed itself on the milk of multiculturalism and tolerance, wholeheartedly believing that because they themselves have become ‘enlightened’ and have abandoned Christianity, along with its morality, all who enter the gates of their lands will naturally drop their Middle-aged myths in a god, too.

Through some contorted and convoluted recipe of social programs, white-shaming, candlelight vigils and interfaith dialogues, the nations of Europe have sought to make a sedated, drooling lapdog out of the truly vicious, violent, bloodthirsty rabid mob that is the adherents of Islam.  Expecting immigrants to catapult ‘forward’ into a postmodern Europe by jumping a gap of 1200 years is not only illogical, it is a recipe for total destruction.

We are dealing with an enemy who is stuck in an archaic and superstitious death culture coupled with an insatiable lust for both power and vengeance.  What no one wants to own is that defeat of this enemy is not achieved through mini-nation building nor achieved through ‘building a dialogue.’  When the Allies defeated the Japanese ultimately, the worship of the man-God Emperor died along with it.   We proved he was not a deity.   To defeat a people, you must defeat what they worship.  With Islam, this means their pagan god. 

This week, Muslim refugees had their way again and decapitated a French priest with a knife.  This means they literally sawed off his head with a butcher knife.  Do you understand how painful of a death that is?  Now, the next act of the murderers is very telling yet was not widely reported in the media.  After the French priest was slaughtered, the followers of Mohammed performed “a service at the altar in Arabic” according to a survivor of the attack, a Nun.  THAT SHOULD SPEAK VOLUMES to you about the nature of these murders.  They are murdering not for a political ideology.  They are murdering for their god.  If you want to put an end to this, there are three ways of doing it:

1)  Deport every last one from your country before they can kill natural born citizens.

2)  Destroy their belief, adherence and faith in their religion by any means possible. 

3)  Capitalize on superstitions (pig’s blood, et al) and use them as effective weapons to crush their resistance.

Now, before you go protesting the inhumane nature of those tearful families being sent back to their “War-torn” homeland, let us please not forget the many thousands of severed heads and raped girls, brutalized women and butchered minorities that Islam has produced in the past DECADE ALONE.  This level and type of butchery hasn’t graced the face of the planet in quite some time, and we aren’t showing any progress using the methodology of the kind-hearted, culturally sensitive Westerner.  It’s time to use a different methodology, and we can be sure the government is not going to do it.  Governments across the world have no problem dismantling Christianity and imprisoning people for holding Christian values, but when it comes to those poor, oppressed Muslims, they get off scot-free.  I say, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

The governments of Europe have disarmed their people and softened them up for the slaughter.  Their only choice is to fight back in such a way that victory can be achieved.  If it means making Europe inhospitable and uncomfortable for murders and their support networks (including their families and ‘innocent’ women), then so be it.  Charles Martel knew exactly this and saved his people from the invading followers of Mohamed in France.

The same can be said of our own President, Thomas Jefferson who knew full well the savagery of the Barbary Pirates.  “To the shores of Tripoli” is heard in the Marine Corps Hymn.  But who was it exactly that the US Marine Corps was fighting in our FIRST international War, literally less than 15 years into our nation’s history?  It was (drumroll, please) Muslims!  Mohammed-followers and pirates who brutally, savagely terrorized peaceful merchants simply wanting peaceable journey and trade upon the seas.  They were such a scourge and deemed such a security threat that one of our greatest presidents deployed U.S. troops halfway across the globe at a time when an hour-long buggy ride into town was considered a trek.

Technology is the only thing that has changed, friends.   These people are not going to change.  They will not cease to be a threat to your very existence as long as they share your zip code.  This is not my interpretation.  Behold, their own holy book:

Quran (9:29) - "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya [ tax on non-muslims] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." 

This is Mohammed, in the end of his revelatory career, clarifying the schizoid message of his zigzagging instruction.  Lest you had any doubts, he sums it up for you quite clearly.  You will either pay the ruling Islamic government a tax for existing as their slave, convert to Islam, or be killed.  And your friendly, neighborhood Muslim believes this.  If he says he doesn’t, and he truly denies the words of the Prophet, he is, consequently, not a Muslim. 

However, if he looks at you and lies, with a straight face (expect this) he is ALSO following Islam by employing a deceptive tactic called taquiyya.  This is, essentially, acceptable lying for the ‘greater good’ of Islamic world domination.

We are faced with two choices if we want to survive as a free and self-determined people.

  • Stop giving preferential treatment to the citizens who are Muslim and force them to comply with national laws, the same way everyone else does – this includes FREE SPEECH against them and their false god.
  • Fight wars the way we used to, including total and unrelenting destruction of their civilization, people and culture. It worked against Germany and Japan – and it’s time to implement the method again.

Fifteen years of continuous, politically correct warfare has made matters worse, not better.  Terrorism is now EXPECTED on a daily basis.  Sometimes, it’s best just to rip the band-aid off.

I don’t need guns. My faith protects me. July 24 2016

"I don’t need guns.  My faith protects me."

Boy, I’ve heard that one.  It’s amazing what a little biblical illiteracy can do to undergird a victim mentality.  In today’s blog entry, dear reader, I want to walk you through the reasons I don’t find a contradiction between my faith and my gun.

I could start from the beginning with Cain and Abel, but then this blog post might turn into a book, and I have stuff I need to do today!  Let’s hit the main points.

For the Bible believers, there seems to be some confusion based on a few main passages and also the role of Messiah, whether or not you believe His Name is Yeshua of Nazareth.


Let’s start with the 10 Commandments.  The sixth one literally translates as ‘Do not murder’ .  Notice, it does NOT say, ‘Do not kill.’  The verbs, in Hebrew, are completely different and distinct. Even if one did maintain that Moses spoke in KJV English, it’s logically inconsistent to have an instruction to ‘not kill’ in one sentence, and then soon after instruct the Israelites on the parameters of capital punishment. 

The fundamental testimony of the Bible is 1)  Respect and love G-d and 2)  Respect and love your neighbor, and life in general.  It is for this reason we carry guns.  I respect my life and the lives of my loved ones.  Nobody is going to trample on the Divine gift of life without a fight. It is the height of righteousness to defend what the Almighty deems sacred-- and innocent life is, indeed, sacred.  Cain’s murder of his innocent brother, Abel, was clearly censured by the Creator. “ What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground.  And now, you are cursed from the earth.” 


It is offensive to the Almighty when a human dares to unrighteously rob another of the Divine Spark that is life.

To illustrate, if you, as a parent, gave a precious gift to both of your two children, and one child brazenly, defiantly stole the gift YOU gave from the other, the affront isn’t just to the robbed child, it is also to you, the gifter.  It is offensive to the Almighty when a human dares to rob another, unrighteously, of the Divine Spark that is life


If you’re a Jew, well there are plenty of examples of righteous dudes (and ladies, hello Yael!) who kicked ass with righteous zeal against wicked, depraved people.  Gideon, King David , Pinchas, Joshua, Yehuda Maccabee, and many more.  In each of those cases, there were some very bad people who needed to be put down.  G-d could have sent a whirlwind or plague, but He allowed mortals to be the arm of mishpat (justice).  The Tribe has a long and distinguished history of defending the Sacred.  Let us remember, there were Temple Guards equipped with weapons at the Beit HaMikdash.  Historically, when we have disarmed and/or forgotten ourselves and our responsibility is when trouble begins.  Being disarmed and not collectively fighting evil led to the deaths of millions of our brothers and sisters in the Shoah, though there were some who did resist (e.g. Bielski brothers, Abba Kovner, etc), If we want Mashiach, we must walk in His ways and be prepared to defend the Sacred again.

Now, to the matter of the Christian who maintains that Christ set the example of ultimate pacifism by, not only dying, but also abolishing the entirety of Divine Scripture prior to his arrival, instituting a completely new standard of ‘lay down and take it for those heavenly crowns’, let’s just pump the brakes a minute.


Do you think that the G-d you serve is pleased in the death of innocent people in general?

Ask yourself this question.  Do you think that the G-d you serve is pleased in the death of innocent people in general?  Is your faith best served by offering yourself up for slaughter by a bloodthirsty criminal or mass murder?  Okay, even if YOU really believe that your Faith is best served by death rather than life (hello, does THAT sound familiar?)  What about your children?  Do they deserve to have a parent who would let them be executed by some crazed lunatic without a drop of resistance?  Do you think that when you die, you’ll be applauded by the Almighty for failing in your foremost duty as a parent, namely, the defense of your child’s life?  Hmmm.  Theological difficulties.

Even the Disciples carried weapons.  Oh, but Jesus told Peter to put that sword back when, upon the arrest, good old Simon defends his master?  Let’s get one thing straight, if you’re going to claim Jesus as the Messiah, you should probably familiarize yourself with Jewish law, and the markers of Messiah.  The Sages of Israel during the Second Temple were looking for Messiah in one of two prophetic forms 1) The Son of Joseph, one who suffers for the sins of the nation without protest or 2) The Son of David, one who kicks ass and crushes the enemies of the Almighty.  You be the judge, but for this round, it looks like Jesus/Yeshua is squarely identifying with the former by making sure to go quietly, like a lamb to the slaughter without defense.  You cannot, however, make the case that all of his followers were to do the same.

To further clarify that Jesus was in a camp of his own with a special, limited calling, he even TELLS his disciples straight up in Luke 22, “If you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”  There’s no getting around that.  So you can either argue that Jesus/Yeshua was off his rocker, or that he had a plan, limited purpose and clearly defined objectives for his ministry. He had his mission, but he clearly emphasized that his disciples were to be armed and could expect violent persecution.  And boy, they got it in spades from the Romans.


Israel had to show up for the fight.  The outcome was in the Almighty’s hands.

The bottom line: An animal created by G-d defends itself when attacked.  If the offspring are attacked, the animal launches into full-blown assault mode.  It is the ultimate slap in the face of the Creator to care so little for His gift of life that you fail to guard it, and that of your children.

Without going into an exhaustive treatise on this, let me summarize the entirety of the Faith in Arms issue in one verse.

2 Chronicles 20:15  “He said: "Listen, King Jehoshaphat and all who live in Judah and Jerusalem! This is what the LORD says to you: 'Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but G-d's.”

Israel had to show up for the fight.  The outcome was in the Almighty’s hands.

I can’t tell you when your gunfight will be.  I can’t tell you when the next mass shooter or crazed Muslim is going to show up screaming and babbling to his false god, pleading for his murderous sacrifice to be accepted.  I can tell you this.  The Mighty One of Israel values the lives of the innocent, and the battle belongs to Him.  We just have show up armed and ready to fight.


The 'Suicide' of Diversity July 15 2016

My heart is saddened yet again for the French citizenry.  I am sorry for them and their pathetic government that sees protecting Muslim immigrants above its natural born, native citizenry as sacrosanct.  Led by socialists for years, they are reaping in spades the disastrous consequences of tolerance and diversity-mongering gone sickeningly awry.

Apparently, the new norm for this generation is rioting and murder by protected groups -- groups that socialist governments have imported, propped up, nursed with tax dollars and fed off of the work of producers’ sweat-soaked brows.  France has OD’d on tolerance and diversity for years, and now they are  paying for it with death en masse.
I’m gonna lay a truth bomb on you – diversity is destructive. 

You’ve been told how great it is and how helpful and wonderful for cultural health it is.  Bullshit.  Diversity is helpful in only two areas 1) Prevention of genetic diseases 2) Minimizing tool-buying guilt during Craftsman sales.  Diversity is counterproductive to cohesion and security, especially without a common national identity, set of operational ideals, values and language.

Cultural pluralism (like what France has embraced and what we are now seeking) is the equivalent of a “suicide” drink from the cola fountain.  Do you remember doing that as a kid?  I did.  At first, it seems cool.  Mix together 2 of your favorite drinks for a blend.  Interesting, tangy, new.  The problems started when you mixed multiple drinks at the fountain.  Do you remember the end result?  Your drink tasted like shit, and you had to dump the whole cup out and start again, including with fresh ice.

Friends, we ARE that drink.  We have diluted our culture and encouraged immigration without assimilation to assuage the white guilt of democrats with daddy issues.  Our government (heavily influenced by democrats who can’t seem to churn up enough dead people to vote 20 times) imported people with no skills and high probability for government leeching to destroy our values and culture by introducing their own.  Often times, these people carry with them the stain of failed ideologies and political persuasions that destroyed the nations they originally hailed from, not to mention a hatred for Western values.  Don’t kid yourself.  Not all immigrants come here because they love our values.  Many love our free stuff.

Immigration caps may not fix every problem, but it’s a start.

Black Power, Blue Mood, and Whitewashed Propaganda July 12 2016

So let me get this one straight.  Loretta Lynch, despite fully knowing that Hillary Clinton has committed multiple crimes by the FBI’s own admission, is focusing her ‘Justice’ Department on pushing for Gun Control.  That’s the gist of her testimony on Capitol Hill this morning.

Criminals who endanger American citizens at the highest level get off scot-free, and you and I have to now worry whether we’ll be able just to KEEP our rights.  They commit crimes, and we’re punished. Our rights are stripped without due process (No-Fly, No-Buy) but the Beltway writes, breaks, and nullifies its own laws.

There really is one law for ‘them’ and one law for the rest of us.  Do you know what that tells me?  It tells me that if I want to protect myself and make sure my rights aren’t violated, I’m on my own.  There’s not going to be justice for me.  It tells me that, in this government, criminals are declared spotlessly clean and law-abiding citizens are declared criminals.  The natural inclination of reasonable people to obey their government in hopes it will protect them is vanishing like a vapor trail.

In the midst of all of the Clinton and gun control debacles, we now have dozens if not hundreds of thousands of emboldened genocidal maniacs masquerading as ‘protesters’.  This weekend brought forth plenty of footage showing the sheer lawlessness of the mobs across the nation who blocked roads, shut down major lifelines of transportation, took over bridges, assaulted police with deadly force and destroyed property.

 If they are unable to respond NOW, how do you think things will be when the citizenry is disarmed and softened up for the slaughter?

Emboldened by their protectors from on high, the New Black Panthers even went so far as to call for a raid on the Southern States wherein they sought to create a “nation within a nation’ of blacks and for blacks in the Old South.  That’s right, kick whitey in the teeth and take his land.  Take his stuff because now we’re protected.

What we have here is envy and covetousness on an institutionalized level.  The Black Panthers took that a step forward this weekend and advocated outright intimidation, thievery and segregation in order to take what they want.  They are capitalizing on the ignorance and darkness of the inner city to consolidate power and strengthen their cronyism.  In essence, they are re-instituting the slave system and mentality which they claim to oppose.  Make no mistake, they are not for self-determination and liberty for their mindless followers.  Nope – they are all for making them captive slaves of the Black Power movement.

This is the environment in which the Federal government is seeking to disarm its citizens.  In a time where Black Power leaders are calling for genocide against whites, we’re supposed to lay down our arms?  I think not.

The rabid mongrels calling for property destruction, traffic and business disruption, violence against whites and the lynching of law enforcement officers are one good ass-kicking away from learning the painful way that they don’t get to do stupid things against free people without consequence. 

The Justice Department has hog-tied our police by insisting they focus primarily on de-escalation rather than putting down riots and neutralizing dangerous and destructive behavior.  If they are unable to respond NOW, how do you think things will be when the citizenry is disarmed and softened up for the slaughter?

  What if YOUR teenage daughter was alone in her car, suddenly stopped in the streets, and surrounded by a gang of thugs (peacefully protesting) who decide she’s going to be the first in their initiation task of white-girl rape?  Gang-bangers do this all the time, but the environment now (supported and fomented by the Justice Department) has given them a get-out-of-jail-free card under the guise of ‘protesting’.   They’re just venting their anger, and your daughter will have to understand that she has to pay for centuries of black oppression by being a pin cushion for a little bit.

Think I’m being extreme?  Think again.  The Justice Department flat-out told these vipers to ‘not be discouraged’ with their protests, despite the fact that 5 police officers were shot in cold blood by an adherent of Black Power philosophy.  YOUR rights to defend yourself, your family and innocent people?  Those are up for grabs.  But racist, venomous thugs?  They’re covered.

That is the climate we’re in folks.  Let’s get our head out of the clouds and call a spade a spade.  Are all the ‘protesters’ violent?  No.  But for all this labeling of ‘non-violent,’ there seems to be an AWFUL lot of arson, assault, and general violence present.  It doesn’t TAKE 100% compliance to turn the disgruntled disenfranchised into a murderous, violent mob.

The police have their hands tied.  They will not be there for you when you need them, even if they HAD the support of the Justice Department.  Your rifle, your weapon, your skills may be the only things protecting your life and your property in the days to come.


Force is a language criminals understand. 

If you remember the L.A. riots (another grim reminder of what emboldened angry mobs do to communities) there was a particular group of people who were able to secure their property and protect their people, despite the city burning around them.  That group was the Koreans.  They lit up criminals who sought to destroy their property or hurt their people.  And you know what?  Force is a language criminals understand.  They were left alone, but they were skilled marksman who displayed a willingness to use force.

The federal government is not going to protect law-abiding citizens, nor are they going to support the law or law enforcement.  If you want to remain free and unmolested, very soon, you may be on your own.

You Just Witnessed the Death of the Republic July 06 2016

Yesterday, the FBI Director, James Comey, showed the world that we are no longer a Republic. You see, a Republic is a nation of LAWS where individuals are afforded equal protection.  That also means equal prosecution.  We have never been a nation of monarchs who make laws but aren’t subject to them – that is, until yesterday.

James Comey, who by the way is no stranger to legal cases involving Clintons, went through painstaking detail in describing how multiple classified and top secret emails were sent (so Hillary has perjured herself when she swore under oath she didn’t) from her unsecure email-- information that clearly could jeopardize the lives of Americans, hence the clearance.  He detailed the multiple laws that were broken.  For a brief few minutes, I had hope that the Republic would be preserved, and that the highest arm of the Executive Branch would uphold basic duty.  And then, in a moment, all those hopes were dashed.  James Comey, despite fully acknowledging that a crime was indeed committed, stated he wouldn’t advocate prosecution.  Read the statute in question, friends:  18 USC 793f.  Dear ones, there is no justice in the national government anymore. It is gone.  

We have a Presidential candidate who, by the FBI’s own admission, committed crimes that jeopardized the security of American citizens.  The FBI plainly told us yesterday that another individual in the same shoes would/could have been prosecuted.  But nope, not her.  And half of this pathetic and morally bankrupt nation of rabid, venomous, morally vapid leeches will still vote for her.


We are a national rotting corpse.  The only hope is to harvest the salvageable organs for donation – that would be the States.

The Republic is dead. You watched it flatline yesterday.  We have no hope of a fair trial or justice.  The highest Federal executive bodies have proven this now.  We are the walking dead.  We are a national rotting corpse.  The only hope is to harvest the salvageable organs for donation – that would be the States.

The body of this nation as a whole unit is dead and decaying by the second.  We have, perhaps, some useful heart, liver, lungs and kidneys.  But if they are going to live on, they must be excised out of this dead flesh to live again in another.

There is no national reconciliation.  There is no voting these people out.  If the highest law of the national government is corrupt, do you think your vote will be righteously counted or heard?  No.  Don’t hold out hope.  We’ve seen what the Beltway does with it.


Quit acting like a Tory during the Revolution, hopelessly clamoring for an “Olive Branch Petition” to a deaf Crown and Parliament. 

Think of what you can do for your STATE.  Forget the nation.  I’m tired of being held captive, as a Tennesseean, to the whims of cesspools like southern California, New York and New Jersey – bankrupt states with morally bankrupt governments seeking to drag states like mine kicking and screaming into their folly.

It is time for the States to rise.  It’s time for the Convention of States.  For all the naysayers and those running like scared chickens clucking, “Runaway convention!  Runaway convention!”  Shut up if you can’t offer a better option.  You’re not going to don plates and a rig.  You’re not going to march on DC.  You’re not going to effect change on the national level.  Quit acting like a Tory during the Revolution, hopelessly clamoring for an “Olive Branch Petition” to a deaf Crown and Parliament. 

Cowardice can be cloaked in seemingly sage council.  Don’t listen to it, don’t offer it.  The Convention of States is our last and best option.  The ‘Hail Mary’ of course is Secession or Nullification.  But these are remote chances, and the only others besides outright bloody rebellion and lynchings – which no sane person would ever wish for.

Get involved today.  It is our last hope.  It will take close to 2 years to get it underway -- a time frame that looks shorter and shorter by the day.

You have witnessed the death of the Republic.  Don’t kid yourself.  It’s gone.  The question is are you going to have the courage to admit it to yourself?





The Day After July 4th - Will We Answer the Call? July 05 2016

July 4th is the day we celebrate our Independence from Great Britain.  Though they pale now as a shadow of their one-time power, we fought a long and arduous war with them over 200 years ago.

Now, we are fighting against our own government in the same way.  Taxes.  Taxes on everything.  Now, instead of the Stamp Act, we have the Affordable Care Act.  Those of us who actually toil and work for a living have 30% of our wealth siphoned away at the threat of incarceration to be spent on entitlements, nonproductive people, and failed, bankrupt government programs instead of the English Crown. 

Now, instead of attempts to seize our powder and armaments at Concord, the State of California (with help from the Justice Department) creates a database, locks down weapons and ammo sales, and smugly offers you the ‘privilege’ of defending yourself—but only 50 rounds at a time. The Crown used to quarter troops in Americans’ homes.  Now the NSA can read your most private correspondence with impunity.


We are there friends.  It is just a matter of time.  People are blind, and senseless, and inexorably, defiantly ignorant of history and fact.  We are a hedonistic conglomeration of spoiled children and self-congratulatory pseudointellectuals professing societal progress.  What we have really done by 'progressing' is forget our roots and, subsequently, set the stage for the next War for Independence.  

The British, in an ironic twist of fate, have voted now for THEIR own independence in the historic Brexit vote.  Rumblings now simmer below the surface of polite conversation both in Europe and here at home.  Secession and regional independence from an increasingly overbearing and tyrannical government isn’t just a pipe dream anymore. 
As more and more people become increasingly impoverished and disenchanted with the effect of years of unchecked government spending, they are increasingly wondering whether or not their state or region would be better off without the modern Crown (i.e. Washington) and all of its excesses.

Speaking of Concord, local militias were drilling and preparing for the inevitable fight they knew would come.  And come it did on April 19, 1775 under the command of General Gage, who sought to capture colonial arms and power – just as OUR current crown is attempting to seize arms and powder, one round at a time.  One weapon at a time.   They are patient, but no less brutal.

 It is the same storm in the air, Dear Reader.  It’s the same Crown mentality that ruled and oppressed our forefathers from an ivory tower overseas.  This time it’s a central government from inside the Beltway. 

 Our charged atmosphere is brewing ominous, swirling supercells of an eventual, inevitable conflict.  Will you be ready? 

Gun Control and the Next Civil War July 01 2016

 How would you like to be wrongfully accused, presumed guilty, penalized and stripped of your rights without a court trial?  No?  No, you wouldn’t like that?  Congratulations!  You’re a human being and in line with the Founding Fathers on that one!  Unfortunately, advocates of the 'No-Fly, No-buy' bid in Congress don't agree with you.  They are ignoring the fact that American Citizens cannot be stripped of their rights, especially those specifically enshrined in the Bill of Rights, without that little pesky thing called due process.  No, your rights are SACRED and UNALIENABLE – that is, until the Congress gets ahold of them.


Dear Reader, let me remind you:  It is INSANELY easy to get put on the No-Fly List and damn hard to get off of it.

The upcoming vote in Congress (thanks to Paul Ryan, whose only consistent stance is that of succumbing to demands) will decide, among other things, whether this unconstitutional and illegal ‘No-Fly’ list will be used as the litmus test for gun purchase and, indirectly, ownership.

 "Anarchy and lawlessness have infected our national government from the top down."

This all comes after Democrats, in an utter defilement of the House, launched an occupy-style sit-in.  If the Sergeant at Arms, Paul Irving, had done his sworn duty, he would have arrested every last one of them on the spot.  Did he do that?  No, But in a mode of resignation, he just let it go and allowed lawlessness to own the day. Lawlessness.  Let that sink in.  Lawlessness. 

You are witnessing ANARCHY, my friends – and not the type slack-jawed, mom’s basement, internet intellectuals tell you is a good thing.  Anarchy and lawlessness have infected our national government from the top down.  Let’s be clear here:  You have an illegal use of Congressional floor space by rogue elements vowing to utilize the illegal "No-Fly" list for the unconstitutional stripping of the Bill of Rights from American citizens who have been accused, presumed guilty, and afforded no due-process.  Every representative and senator supporting these measures has proven him/herself an Enemy of the Constitution and a DIRECT threat to YOU and your family’s security and rights as a citizen.  They should have been carted out of the House in zip ties.  Instead, they left to go Tweet and meet their special interest groups.


"The Anti-Federalists knew the Federal government would do its damndest to erode individual rights and descend into complete and utter tyranny. "

My friends, the Anti-Federalists were terrifyingly correct.  They noted that the Federal government, once formed, would inevitably become destructive to the Bill of Rights.  It is for this precise reason they INSISTED the Constitution have the first 10 Amendments.  They knew the Federal government would try its damndest  to erode individual rights and descend into complete and utter tyranny.  That’s why we have the States.  The States have the ability to throw off the abuse of the Feds like a wife tired of her husband’s repeated drunken, rageful beatings.

To put the seriousness of the hour into perspective, we have:

  • a Democrat candidate for President who is a certain felon and traitor

  • a Republican candidate that has no experience with or respect for Constitutional government and limited powers (he says he likes it, but that could change in five minutes like every other position he's had.)

  • a rogue current President with Socialist parents, radical ideology, and a demonstrated hatred of traditional American values

  • a Supreme Court intent upon destroying the Bill of Rights rather than safeguarding it

  • National, Congressional Representatives who are salivating at the thought of making you disarmed, softened sheep for the slaughter.

It’s time to put this abusive spouse in its place.

We need a way of fighting back against the Federal Government…and the Founders gave us that option.  The Convention of States.  It is our last hope, and our only option if we are to avoid Civil War or an open and very bloody rebellion.  The Feds have proved to you, the loving wife, that no matter how good and law-abiding you are, they are going to beat you, rape you, blame you and strip your dignity away for their own power buzz. 

Hit. Them. Back.

Get involved with the Convention of States.  Call your local state representatives (the ones to your state legislature) and tell them to get on board.  This is no longer about fighting national policies with national representatives.  If we wish to regain our rights and hold the last ounce of peace, it is our only hope.  If it fails, we will find ourselves living John Adams.

"If we wish to regain our natural-born rights as Englishmen, then we must fight for them."

European Borders, Refugee Crisis, and the Coming Pandemic June 27 2016

Well folks, I hate to break it to you:  We are ripe for a pandemic. When I say ripe, think soft banana--black spots—covered in fruit flies—ripe.

Join me, Dear Reader, in a wee trot down Statistics Lane.  In 1900, the world population was around 1-2 billion people.  Within the snap of 100 years, that has grown to 7 billion.  Let me repeat that – 7 billion.  That means we humans added 6 billion people to this earth in only 100 years.  That is STAGGERING.  Most of that growth has been in developing countries with hit or miss availability of things we take for granted – clean water, building codes, sanitation standards etc.  In short, the third rock from the sun is bloated and full compared to times past.

Now, lest you think I’m a eugenicist or an advocate for draconian one-child policies, I am a fan of people in general.  I love people .  Well, in fairness, I love most people.  Okay – some people.  That’s not the point! Grrr.  I don’t want good people to die. I’m a nurse and stuff.  We're generally about  saving lives, assisting the doctor, Florence Nightingale, mitered sheet corners, and above all….kicking untimely death of good people in the nads.

Perhaps that’s why I’m so concerned about a pandemic.  We have a very populated planet, with more people travelling now than ever.  There’s more opportunity for a nasty virus in, say, a place like Libya to board a plane and make the easy hop to Tunisia, then Frankfurt, then New York, then to a town near you.  The math doesn’t lie friends. There are 7 billion little petri dishes bustling around on this planet just WAITING to host a malevolent nasty bug.  7 million petri dishes, whereas there were only 1-2 billion a few years ago.  That’s massive.  That’s huge. That’s a potential disease ant hill.

 "If you think for one second that adequate screening is being conducted on these invaders, you are dead wrong."

Enter ‘Refugee Crisis.’  The invasion of Europe by the Muslim hordes of Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan has frog-marched the world closer to the edge of its next global pandemic.  The squalor accepted by the Mohammedian masses is being dumped into Europe (and its transit hubs) and onto the shoulders of a populace with its head in the clouds and its lungs sucking down the foul air of a brewing pestilence.

No, my heart does not bleed for the swarm of mostly single, fighting aged, dubiously affiliated, unskilled, male ‘refugees’.  Muslim invaders plundering the tax dollars of Europe under threat of riots, rape and violence shouldn’t get a drop of sympathy from you, either.  Endless schools of angry men (with a few women and children thrown into the mix for BBC footage) shoved together in shelters, cranking out anchor babies and bemoaning the wretched carnage of their loathsome Islamic states import more than just lethal political and religious ideologies—they bring germs.  LOTS of germs. They grow new germs when they are all crammed together, and one of those new germs may be the next super-virus.

If you think, Dear Reader, for one second that adequate screening is being conducted on these invaders, you are dead wrong.  The sheer volume of ‘refugees’ is draining an already-teetering Europe of its precious human and financial resources.  There simply isn’t the ability for tight quality control.  At least Bulgarians have a government that understands the severity of this threat and erected a border clad in concertina wire.


We’ve got our own issues here in the U.S, namely our border with Mexico (that’s May-hee-ko for all you Common Core kids).  We have a rushing torrent of illegal immigration from our own southern border carrying with it lots of malevolent nasties.  Illegal immigrants do not go through quarantine, my friends.  They pass no health inspections.  The first time I heard the unmistakable tuberculosis cough of an illegal from Central America, I learned that one in a hurry.  Perhaps not so coincidentally, multi drug resistant tuberculosis (You know, the kind that won’t respond to conventional treatment) is making a show of force in our community hospitals.

Yeah, yeah, Patriot Nurse.  The world sucks, and people move border lines all the time.  Why is this a big deal now?  Oh, friend.  All this would be bad enough.  But NOW, according to many very qualified microbiologists and dudes with mega alphabets after their names, we are entering the ‘Post-Antibiotic era.  Simply put, our drugs don’t work anymore.  Our go-to meds to kill bacteria and help the body fight viruses are having less and less effect.  Drastically less effect.

 "We could very realistically return to the Pre-Penicillin days within a our lifetime."

 Companies can’t do research and manufacture them fast enough to keep pace with an ever-adapting bug farm (unless, of course, it's a vaccine with massive profit potential and a guaranteed taxpayer purchase hurriedly rushed through safety inspections, but that's for another day).  When you combine this current condition with sudden, massive mixing of populations AND their respective bacteria and viruses, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Granted, most pandemics in recent history have been viral in origin.  But we could very realistically return to a state that is eerily similar to the Pre-Penicillin days within a our lifetime.  That is no joke.  It sucked bad enough when there were 1-2 billion people and some got sick. Now image throngs of people sick with no meds to treat them.  Yikes.

Besides all that scientific jazz, our little planet is trembling on the brink of a Third World War.  History is a boringly repetitious schoolmarm when it comes to the nature of war – and one thing always accompanies it:  DISEASE.

My recommended course of action:  Eat well, store food, be effective with a weapon, and get medical training.  I don’t care if it’s not with me.  Find a QUALIFIED instructor.  This thing is coming, it’s just a matter of time.  You simply must prioritize your education in at-home nursing care of your sick.  Believe me, the city hospital is the LAST place you want to be during a pandemic.

American Moral Rot and the Bitter Waters June 23 2016

The United States has a bad case of crotch rot.  Pardon the term, Dear Reader, but I’m simply calling a spade a spade – and the metaphor is apt.

How can a nation reproduce, grow, thrive and live healthily when it is rotting from the inside out?  To use another metaphor, the tree is rotting from its roots. We have reached a time in history where the confluence of many factors is rapidly accelerating our own demise.  There is hope for a renewal, but the medicine will be bitter, expensive and painful if we’re to cure the flesh-nasty of selfishness in this nation.

Boy, way to cheer up the masses, Patriot Nurse!  Wait, selfishness?  Shouldn’t you say socialism, or welfare-excess, or government spending?  Well yes, my friends.  Those systems and modalities are indeed an issue, but they are merely the symptom of a nasty underlying cause.

The crotch-rot growing in our nation’s pants right now is that of lawlessness and -even deeper- selfishness.  I’m not talking about the Ayn Rand view of selfishness.  I’m talking depravity.  I’m talking a nation where half the constituents think their ‘feelings’ trump your Divinely gifted rights.  A nation where at the minimum 25% are supporting a dedicated party platform of thievery with redistribution This aggregate of supporters, drunken by its own warped view of morality, proclaims its superior ability to create a ‘fair’ climate.

We can argue what led up to the infestation of selfishness among us.  Some would say postmodern thought preached on our college campuses.  Some would say greedy supranational bankers foist this program upon us.  I say no.  We, each of us, choose every day to adopt a pattern and attitude.  Rather than humility, we have chosen arrogance and entitlement.

The problem is, we have become so impressed with ourselves as humans, that we really do think (the collective, national we) that we can establish a law within ourselves, devoid of reference to the Divine or the long held Judeo-Christian standards which informed the laws and founding of our nation.  The problem with the transient, adaptive morality of humanism is that it constantly accommodates to the point where it becomes quickly unrecognizable.  Humans can justify a great many wickednesses to assuage the conscience -- we are inherently selfish creatures.  There it is again – selfishness.

We have become rotted because we have forgotten ourselves.  We have left our first love and the eternal immutable truths of Scripture.  In many ways, our people have morally done what the late Michael Jackson did to his face.  Slowly, we have sliced, ground, nipped and tucked our way to a face of values not our own, not our original.  Before us, in the moral mirror, stands a contorted amalgamation of values pasted together and hastily chosen based on political correctness, transient popularity and selfishness.  The scar tissue of previous attempts at perfection glistens like a shiny red reminder of days gone by, when we had our old face, when we knew ourselves.

The bitter waters are sitting on the table friends.  The only hope for a nation as sick as ours is to drink it and hope for a reset to normal.  Will we be brave enough to face ourselves in the mirror?  Future history books will hold the answer.

Why Yes, I DO need an AR15! June 21 2016

Gun Control is 100% percent anti-woman.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  When idiots spout off on cable news and online about the evils of AR15s, I laugh.  How in the world these supposed ‘experts’ get off lecturing the masses on the catastrophic, dangerous, maleficent nature of these weapons, I will never know.  Allow me please, Dear Reader,  a moment to tell you why the AR15 is my buddy, my pal, my faithful friend and benevolent companion. 

First off, I really do need 30 rounds in .223 from a rifle.  Yes I do.   There are an awful lot of STUPID – and I do mean S-T-U-P-I-D people, including experts saying that individuals don’t need that many, let alone from a rifle.  Screw them.  Those ‘experts’ aren’t going to be there for me if a band of 6 dudes decides to hit my home for a gang-rape initiation or pillaging spree.  I can’t ‘Phone A Friend’ and have these blowhard experts show up with a fat lot of nothing, save ill advice, during my gunfight.  My rifle will be there like a bad case of herpes.  It won’t leave me.  It won’t fail me.  But what do I know?  I’m just on staff for Valor Ridge with one of the best firearms trainers in the world as my mentor.  I guess I just can’t compare to the vast ‘knowledge’ of infobabedom.  There is not a single, credible firearms instructor in this nation who would NOT recommend an AR15 for defense.

Oh Patriot Nurse!  What exaggerated scenarios!  Really?  Have a conversation with your local Law Enforcement Officer and ask him what the average number of home invasion perps is nowadays.  That little pistol with (at best) half as many rounds and far less effective ammo looks a little less reassuring now doesn’t it?

Over penetration? Please.  Pistols and shotguns penetrate way, and I do mean WAAAAAY more than rifles.  So, if I’m going to be a good neighbor, pass the Daniel Defense please.

Another thing, rifles are a joy to shoot.  I’ve got physical issues and if I can wield that bad boy, anyone can.  The great equalizer is just that.  If I can make first round hits at 600 yards, I can sure as hell do it at 6 yards inside my house.  And THAT, friends, is the real issue.

The government paintywaists inside the Beltway are afraid of me.  They are afraid of you.  They are terrified of a nation of riflemen (and women) who are the teeth behind the paper of the Bill of Rights.  They aren’t getting my guns now or ever.

SO!  Train like your life depends on it – because it does. 

If the Feds Want a War -- they WILL get it. June 16 2016

And here it is…Connecticut Senator Murphy led the way!  Under the guise of ‘universal background checks’ – a seemingly ‘reasonable’ measure – Senate Democrats are moving towards complete and total government control of weapons transfers.  This would effectively do away with legal transfers between family members, as well as private sales.  They are ratcheting up the rhetoric against semi-automatic rifles and are going to use their sacrificed protected group as the banner to rally round.



Now, Homeland Security (an illegal government entity to begin with) chief Jeh Johnson is advocating for full, unconstitutional control of your weapons.  So, let me get this one straight.  An illegal, unconstitutional entity that can’t even decide the best way to keep toothpaste ‘safe’ is the best one suited to enforce the Bill of Rights?  Try again, Jeh.

The current ball being batted around is that of the Terrorist Watch list or No Fly list being the litmus test for gun sales.  It seems reasonable right?  WRONG.  Let me tell you how freaking dangerous this is.

Those lists are beyond the law, beyond the courts.  They are almost impossible to redress.  Many Americans wrongfully or erroneously have been placed on them with zero to no recourse for removal.  Friends, it is EXTREMELY important that you understand this.  If the government can STRIP you of one of the rights GUARANTEED in the Bill of Rights without due process, there is NO failsafe.  If this were to go through, it would be equivalent to warrantless searches, government suppression of free speech, quartering of troops in YOUR home, and forced interrogations with waterboarding --or worse-- on ANYONE. 

Patriot Nurse, you’re totally blowing this out of proportion!  No, I’m not.  This is a very dangerous – and I mean freaking DANGEROUS initiative.

The Bill of Rights is a list of the rights we are guaranteed AGAINST our government.  That’s Tom Jefferson’s perspective, not mine—and I think he is better suited to comment than I.

Moreover, the country is divided to the point where half of the country hates, despises, the other half.  If this initiative goes through, you are going to see violence.  But wait, isn’t that what the Left is (supposedly) trying to prevent?  Violence and senseless death.

I have a guarantee for the Left.  If you make further moves on guns, the caged and abused animal of freedom-loving Americans who have been poked with sticks and slapped by spoiled children sucking lollipops is going to be unleashed.  An assault weapons ban will not be met with the same passivity as in 1994.  The stakes are higher now, and we have fewer options as a country for redressing grievances.

If the Left wants to reduce violence, they should cease and desist with their gun control efforts now -- before they play a hand that WILL result in chaos.


Enduring Pain with No Medicine -- Grid Down June 15 2016

I have a confession to make:  I crave sleep.  I know, it’s a shocker…a dirty, dirty shocker of a secret.  But I actually crave sleep for a different reason than many folks.  Sleep is the dedicated time in my day that I do not deal with agonizing pain.  Like many people, I have been the recipient of injuries secondary to a car crash.  But telling you, dear reader, about my troubles isn’t the purpose of this blog entry.  I want to teach you something by asking you a question – a question that I have grappled with professionally for quite awhile.

What if all of your favorite coping mechanisms (ways of getting through sucky circumstances) were GONE.  Maybe not suddenly.  Maybe not drastically.  But what if your pain medications, booze, cigarettes, TV (or in my case, shamelessly recycled reruns of Star Trek: Next Generation) evaporated slowly?  What if your ability to be comfortable was stripped from you and your loved ones incrementally?

I ask this question because it could likely happen.

How?  Oh there’s lots of ways of course.  Grid disruption, supply disruption, domestic unrest, monetary correction.  Many costumes disguise the cold hard reality that we have GENERATIONS of people dependent upon supply and electricity to live.  But have we really considered the implication of perhaps people living, but living a new reality of day to day agony?

There are a few mediations that help me.  Herbal extracts, essential oils, topical non-narcotic (sorry to disappoint) pain patches.  Oh believe me – the full might of my medical analytic prowess has been devoted to this issue for approximately four years.  If you can name it, Google it, pin it, or establish a multi-level-marketing company around a product or method, I have tried it.

But what becomes of us when those coping mechanisms, products are gone?

In my experience there are 3 huge things that mitigate it:  1) Love  2) Prayer 3) Music

Love.  Volumes have been written about endorphins and amorous neurotransmitter cocktails.  But I’m tellin’ you, Smarter More Studly Half helps me feel better with hugs and kind words about as well - and sometimes better than- medication.

Prayer.  I’m not talking, ‘Okay G-d, please take away everything.”  I’m talking, “Lord, I have no idea why I had to be the recipient of this.  I’m angry at you for not protecting me better –though in fairness, I should have been killed or at the very minimum paralyzed, so thanks for letting me live.  I’m grateful for that.  Thank you for letting me have a family who loves me and a roof over my head.  If I have to endure this today, please be with me by my side.”  Whoa!  Listen to me go.  Whining to realization to perspective to gratitude.  Ahhh gratitude.  The old woe-banisher.

Music.  Another confession.  I am a worship junky.  I am happy-clappy.  I own flags, and if you stand close enough to me while I’m singing, you are likely to get whacked.  When I worship, I do not feel pain.  Oh the structural issues are very much there – but I can only tell you I do not feel pain when I worship.  There are other types of music that help too, but that’s just what came first to my mind right now.

The power of the mind and the spirit can be what keeps folks from going over the pain cliff.  It takes courage to do this.  It takes valor and might of Spirit to endure hardship.  I’m DEFINITELY not saying that I’ve got the truth monopoly on coping.  I have learned, however, that perseverance and courage are skills rather than traits.  They can be honed, polished, improved if they are regularly practiced.  We may be faced with terrible situations indeed in the coming weeks, months or years.  But leadership and character emerge through trials.

Like Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, I often ask G-d, “I know we are the chosen people.  But once in awhile, can’t you choose someone else?!”

Maybe it’s through our trials that greatness is made.


The Answer to Gay, Islamic Homophobia? Gun Control, of course! June 14 2016

Massive headache this morning.  Ever get one of those where your eyes are being forced out of their sockets from inside your head?  Totally me this morning.  Waiting for that caffeine and a wee bit of sugar to make it go away.  Aspirin on board, and here we go!


So, it seems now that the Orlando shooter was a homosexual.  Oh boy!  Let the psychoanalysis begin.  How can the homophobia banner apply here?  Can one commit a hate crime against himself?  No no, you see, because he was a Muslim, gay and a Democrat, he can’t POSSIBLY have committed a hate crime against another protected community.  I’m just waiting to hear the Left on this one.  The problem MUST have been the gun, right?

I’ve got some uncomfortable truth for you, Dear Reader:  there are LOTS and LOTS of gay men that count themselves Muslims.  There are LOTS of them.  Many practice bestiality and pedophilia -- and many have been inducted into this lifestyle as a resulted of being molested.  Child rape is a terrible problem in the Muslim world (especially against girls, but boys are actually preferred in areas like Afghanistan where the shooter’s family hailed from).  Incidentally, the best and easiest read to understand Muslim and Arab culture is the book below.  Get it and read it -- you won't be fooled again.


How could this be?  Hint:  Their blessed prophet (you know, the one they pattern themselves AND their religious observance after)  ‘married’ a 10 year old after he ‘placed his [penis] between her thighs’ (she was 6 at the time) while she was at recess.  This is a culture with strong roots in sexual victimization, repressed resentment and hatred both of and by its victims.  Oh that was back in the day?  Try again.  President day leader Khomeini has even okayed molestation of infant girls -- just no penetration. Yeah, you gotta wait a few more years till those toddler vaginas can take it.   It is a pervasive sickness and blight in the community that will not be cured simply by ‘doing time’ in a Western nation.  A transplanted tree will wither in fresh soil if there’s rot in the roots.  Be very sure of this – Islam’s transplants into this nation cannot be cured of their societal ills by hanging around with us.  Nope, WE will be infected with all the anger, malice and pent-up rage that has been brewing for centuries.

How does all this play into the Orlando attack?  You’ve got a Muslim individual who, from the Left’s lens, couldn’t have been more ‘integrated’ into America.  How much better of a posterboy do you get?  Registered Democrat, American Citizen, security clearance holder (yeah, even Hillary can’t pass that one), homosexual orientation (or at least questioning -- but hey that’s a start!).  I guess the only point left for full integration would be an Obama phone, ACORN affiliation, and ties to the Communist party, but there’s still time yet.

Omar Mateen was the Left's dream of a fully integrated Muslim (to be clear, a follower of the political, pseudo-religious system of Islam).  He is one of MANY who has become an active enemy of the United States (remember those ‘integrated’ Tsarnaev brothers?)  and her people.

But the most telling sign of the Muslim community and its leaders' fundamental opposition to the freedom of every American is both what they have said and NOT said in the aftermath.  The local Imam (read, mouthpiece of treason) took a public stance of gun control advocacy as the solution to this problem  What?  You expected introspection and ownership of Islam’s inherent violence as the cause? You simpleton, you! 

The Islamic leaders in the United States have responded as their Prophet best exemplified.  Deceive the populace.  Disarm the populace.  Destroy the populace.  


Self-Loathing Gun owners -- and the Assault Weapons Ban June 13 2016

Smarter, More Studly Half is on the phone a lot today.  Monday, the first day of the work week, is less than 48 hours removed from the Florida massacre.


And here it comes….gun control.  Social media is ablaze with renewed (and predictable) calls for more gun control from the Left.  But now we’re seeing a new field of potential converts surface in the gun control equation – gun owners.

“I don’t need an assault rifle” says one lady on my news feed.  ‘My husband is a police officer and I have no need for one.”  “ I’ve been around guns my whole life and don’t feel the need to have one.”   Oh—here’s my personal fav – “I’ve been a hunter my whole life, and no one needs those assault rifles.”

Self-loathing gun owners who feel the need to APOLOGIZE or surrender OTHER people’s rights to placate their own feelings of guilt and worthlessness – that’s apparently the new norm.  Lots of regret from soft people who have little to no experience with or understanding of violence and loathsome criminals.  Do you know what my regret is?  My regret is that I wasn’t there in Florida WITH my rifle to explode the cranium of that disgusting piece of subhuman filth (and his accomplices) that mercilessly slaughtered over 50 people.

Let’s clearly define these people for what they are.  Whether knowingly or unknowingly, advocates of assault weapons bans are the most vile of accomplices to manslaughter.  To appease their own inadequacy and half-baked morality, they are WILLING to sacrifice YOU and your family’s ability to defend yourselves against predators like the one(s) in Orlando.  I’d ask them. You don’t want to own a weapon best suited for defense against multiple attackers (that would indeed be a semi-automatic rifle)?  Fine.   But don’t you DARE try and disarm me.  You want to sacrifice yourself, go for it.  But you and your ilk have NO RIGHT to proactively SACRIFICE me and millions like me by stripping us of our ability to defend ourselves.

That, dear reader, is how this picture needs to be framed.  Europe, with all of its moral pontification and self-gifted ribbons of progressive superiority has disarmed its people for decades.  The Paris attacks clearly showed the consequences for creating a nation of declawed kittens – Death.  Death by the truckload.  Death by the boatload.  Death by the pound, or kilo in this instance.

Multiple Attackers in Florida? June 13 2016

So, it appears now that there is a distinct possibility of MULTIPLE shooters/attackers at the Orlando gay bar.  Eyewitness accounts say there were at least 2 attackers.  All things being equal, I take eyewitness testimonies with a grain of salt for many reasons.

HOWEVER, I think it is worth noting that one person, alone, untrained in a poorly lit area despite being armed with a rifle would have a difficult time successfully killing that many people.  Even if he made 100% of his hits with a rifle, he would have had to reload or transition weapons several times, effectively in the dark with a weapon he had bought only days prior.

Rifles typically hold no more than 30 rounds, pistols usually the high teens -- and there are over 50 deceased victims with still more than 50 more living. We're talking at least 4 mag changes of a rifle, probably 5-6 with a pistol to total the amount of victims -- and that is assuming no stray rounds ---which there WERE.

I'm a good shooter.  I'm a very good rifle shooter.  I'm decent at rifle reloads and weapons transitions.  I'm here to tell you: That is one tough act for a single individual...unless he had help.

The other half and I have been discussing this issue at length, and he (hereafter referred to as the Smarter, More Studly Half)  is also of the opinion that this individual did not act alone in his efforts.

There will, I'm sure be more to come in the unfolding of the next few days.  My initial gut feelings on this are as follows:

  1.  It was indeed an ISIS hit on the US.  Israel was attacked after Tel Aviv's pride parade only a few days ago by Palestinians with probable ISIS ties.
  2.  There were likely multiple parties involved, and that information is being suppressed
  3. This...animal...who was the lead perpetrator --  He was on the FBI's radar...twice.  
  4.  The Obama Administration is going to position themselves to benefit from the lone gunman narrative in order to renew the call for gun control and possibly a last minute push for assault weapons bans.  After all, if 'one man can do so much damage with a legally purchased weapon."...well, you know the rest.
  5.  Facebook, reddit, social media, and other news outlets sites recognize that the current sentiment of a VAST swath of America is one of seething, quiet, and violent rage.  The suppression, blocking, banning and otherwise silencing of anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, anti-Sharia, pro-Constitution pages and admins speaks VOLUMES at this time.  
  6. This festering sore is being squeezed.  It WILL pop (yeah!  who doesn't love all the creamy, infected, purulent juices cascading down...oh excuse me...nursing fantasies).  People have been swallowing their discontent over double standards for far too long.
  7. The economics of Europe are being rocked right now with the possibility of the Brexit.  So long unity and blah blah blah.


We'll see.  Stay tuned.



Screw you, Facebook -- and your Patriarchy. June 12 2016

Today, as I'm typing this, there are 53 dead Floridians at the hand of a self-described "proud Muslim."  Let that sink in a minute.  53 people, and most likely that number will increase, who will not be at someone's Thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthday party ever again.  Brought to you proudly by a supporter of the Islamic State, a traitorous BORN CITIZEN of Afghani immigrants (read people we sheltered, fed, supported and PAID for with taxpayer funds)... and proud Muslim.

Facebook deemed these facts (and their posting by yours truly) as hate speech.  Subsequent to a viral post, I was notified that I was, effectively, in Facebook Time-out.

After being blocked by Facebook for calling the cold hard truth what it is, I have finally decided to open up my own blog portion of the website.  There is nothing quite so invigorating as being told to shut up.

I have gotten VERY tired of a self-loathing liberal with his own security detail dictating what is and isn't hate speech.  Fine, Markey.  You can have your hate-speech free zone.   Your mindless minions may suck down the piquant sauce of deluded comfort and candlelight vigils, but the unassimilated masses of Freedom-loving Americans are not going to be silenced or intimidated by a computer nerd with a hard-on for control and white-guilt.

Incidentally, I am not alone in being a Facebook outcast, as Pamela Gellar's page was ALSO shut down today.  Apparently we are both a threat.  Want to know the truth?  The government and it's tech minions are SCRAMBLING...furiously and frantically scrambling to control a caged and abused animal (freedom-loving Americans) lashing out after repeatedly being savaged and jolted from its would-be handlers.

A Muslim terrorist killed those people.  The gun didn't seek out its prey -- the shooter did. The left may and will continue to prod and poke and cajole.  However, we will not yield our rights or our weapons.  In fact, against an enemy so vile, an armed and well-trained populace is the only resistance suitable.  This isn't a war for hearts and minds -- it is a war of flesh, bone, sight picture and concrete reality.  Evil people with violence and bloodlust will ALWAYS seek to sacrifice the unarmed.  We must defend ourselves from within and without now.  Social media be damned with its avatar changes and pins.  The time is upon us where every free citizen will be fighting for his or her life against a foreign invader or the resident malignancy of the Federal government and its abuses of power.