FAQ's - READ before you Contact!


Where can I find the full schedule of classes?

Answer:  The Classes Page has a drop-down list.  There it is! :) 

What times are classes held?

Answer:  0900-1800 both days!

Can I just take either Medical Prep 101 or 201?

Answer:  Our course policy has changed.  As of September 2015, Medical Prep 101 and 201 are mandatory combo classes.  If you have previously taken 101, this still applies, as we have reformatted, updated, and revised Medical Prep 101.

Where exactly are the Medical Prep classes held?

Answer:  We do not release this information to the public for security and quality control.  Once you've registered and paid for class, you will receive details approximately a month before class noting the location address and further instructions. 

Can I make payments or pay a partial course fee?

Answer:  At this time, we are only configured to receive full payments online. 

I need advice for my personal medical questions.  Will Patriot Nurse answer my questions?

Answer:  No :)  Responsible healthcare providers don't do that, especially without knowing you or your history.  Your local care provider is the proper person to talk to.  Please consult him/her.

Can I get a discount?

Answer: Sorry!  Everyone pays the same price.

Can I schedule a private class for my group?

Answer:  We teach private classes as our schedule allows in Knoxville, TN on weekdays.  Contact us through the contact page for more details.

Are children allowed in class?

Answer:  No.  Our courses are adult level material and are not suited for children.  If your minor child would like to participate in class, he or she must meet the following requirements:  A)  They will pay the same course fee as other students B)  They must be at least 13 years old  C)  They must accompany a custodial guardian who is also a student in the class.